Digital transformation

We implement digital solutions

We have modelled our business around digitization and automation of processes, providing comprehensive support to all areas of the company to improve its control and efficiency.

As leaders in the digital transformation of the agricultural sector, we ensure the connectivity and stability of the systems throughout the value chain of the production process. We work hard to ensure the connectivity and stability of all De Prado systems, ensuring we have up-to-date information at all times.


In the field of digital transformation, we collaborate to modernise personnel management, treatments, and supervision of machinery and irrigation systems. Our goal is to continually adapt the agricultural sector to new technologies to be innovative, efficient and profitable.

The key to our digitalization strategy lies in the comprehensive implementation of digital solutions in our oil mills and almond processing plants,

covering control and management from the reception of olives and almonds to the dispatch of packaged or bulk oils, as well as the dehulling and storage of almonds. We collaborate closely between departments to ensure the connectivity and stability of the systems, combining automation in the production of raw materials with a human team that meticulously supervises the processes.


Our focus on digitalization has the main objective of introducing tools that boost productivity through automation, always maintaining a human team to control processes. This combination of new technologies and human capital is fundamental to De Prado’s success.

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