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We are countryside,,
we are innovation

De Prado is a company committed to providing high quality, healthy, sustainable food at a global level,

maintaining a harmonious balance between traditional values ​​and technological innovation. Our main activity focuses on the production of olive oil, table olives and almonds, grown in more than 30,000 hectares.

Our primary objective is to offer sustainable agricultural solutions and products of excellence

We strive to ensure the quality, safety and reliability of our products, while generating personal and professional development opportunities for our employees.


As part of our business strategy, we are committed to vertical integration in the value chain. We invest in strengthening our industrial capacity to transform our products, counting on six oil mills, a plant specialized in the farming of table olives and two facilities for processing almonds.

Our Research, Quality and R&D&I department works constantly to ensure food quality and safety, raising the standard and level of our products.

We are strongly committed to reducing environmental impact. We implement a plan that guarantees efficient use of energy in all our operations. We have energy savings and efficiency projects as part of this initiative, demonstrating our commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility.

Our competitive advantage

We focus on fundamental products of the Mediterranean Diet, such as olive oil and almonds, which positions us in specific and highly demanded markets.

We have a solid project and global leadership in our sector, giving us significant competitive advantages. Our ability to vertically integrate various stages, from agricultural production to industrialization, gives us remarkable control and efficiency in the supply chain.

We prioritize strategic locations that minimize weather risks and adapt to our areas of operation. Thorough evaluation of water availability and accessibility is crucial for our farms’ viability. We actively seek fertile and appropriate soils for cultivation, a key aspect directly for productivity.

The topography of the land and proximity to our areas of operation are determining factors in the viability and logistical efficiency of our crops.

We differentiate ourselves by our commitment to sustainable practices at every stage of our operation, from agriculture to industrial production.

This orientation towards sustainability positions us as a responsible and future-oriented company.

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