Proud of our growth

Our success is based on strategic location, organoleptic characteristics and the abundance of water in our crops

This has been achieved thanks to our adoption of highly profitable and mechanized production systems. The key to our success lies in the strategic selection of areas with abundant water availability, enhanced by the Mediterranean climate, which favours the optimal growth of the olive tree and its fruits.


Currently, we focus on working with Mediterranean almond varieties. These varieties, recognized for their hard shell, self-fertility and late flowering,

have been meticulously selected to best adapt to the organoleptic conditions of our farms in De Prado.


However, this endeavour is not without its difficulties. Climate change and the availability of qualified personnel in rural environments represent challenges that we must face.

To overcome them, we are committed to solutions based on technology: advanced irrigation systems, implementation of autonomous tractors and other innovations that help us optimize our work methods and face the challenges of the environment.


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Our commitment to sustainability is manifested through innovative strategies that set the standard in the agricultural industry. At the heart of our sustainable practice is our almond production, carefully planned to minimize its environmental impact.

Firstly, our irrigated almond growing methodology has been meticulously designed with a conscious focus towards reducing the ‘Water Footprint’. Through precise and efficient irrigation techniques, we achieve significantly less water use compared to other almond growing regions, such as California and Australia. This strategy allows us to ensure a significantly reduced water footprint, preserving a vital resource and supporting long-term sustainability.

In addition, we use a natural drying method in the sun for 80% of our almonds. This practice, as opposed to the use of conventional drying facilities that demand a large amount of energy, represents an important advance in terms of energy efficiency. By harnessing the sun’s natural energy for the drying process, we significantly reduce our energy consumption and carbon emissions, while preserving the quality and natural properties of our almonds. This commitment to energy-efficient strategies reflects our comprehensive approach to sustainability, demonstrating how innovation at every stage of production can positively impact the environment and our global community.

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