Why work in De Prado?

We form a great family


At De Prado, we have a clear purpose: to provide quality, healthy and sustainable food globally. We are committed to the environment and social progress, while placing our teams at the centre of our mission.


We strive to create a work environment where collaboration and inclusion are not just words,

but a palpable reality in the daily lives of our employees. This environment becomes a breeding ground for their growth and development, both personally and professionally. Our strategy is based on three fundamental pillars that guide our way of working and relating:



Here at De Prado, we don’t just create opportunities, we drive them. We encourage personal and professional development, providing our employees with the necessary tools and resources to expand their skills and vision for the future. We want each individual to feel that their growth is possible and supported, bringing the message of “I’M FROM DE PRADO AND I CAN GROW” to reality.



We believe in the importance of belonging, of feeling part of something bigger. At De Prado, we promote a culture of belonging and connection, where each person feels proud to be part of our business family. We want each one to be able to say with conviction: “I’M FROM DE PRADO AND I’M PROUD OF IT.”



Transparency and clarity are the basis of our organizational approach. We seek to promote an environment where everyone understands not only their roles, but also the company’s vision and expectations. We want each employee to be able to confidently say: “I’M FROM DE PRADO AND I KNOW WHAT MY COMPANY IS LIKE AND WHAT IT EXPECTS FROM ME.”

These strategic pillars are not just rhetoric, they are an integral part of our business philosophy. We want each employee to not only benefit from, but also actively contribute to this environment of growth, creating an energy that promotes collective success and individual satisfaction.


We dedicate our efforts to transform and improve agriculture, with a focus on making it more sustainable and innovative

This commitment is manifested in our daily actions, where we work tirelessly to implement agricultural practices that reduce environmental impact and foster long-term sustainability. We are constantly seeking innovative methods and advanced technologies that improve the efficiency of our processes while contributing positively to the environment.


Additionally, we recognize that our work not only impacts the earth, but also the communities around us. Therefore, we strive to ensure the well-being of these communities, actively involving ourselves in initiatives that promote their economic, social and environmental development. We are committed to programs that support local farmers, promote education on sustainable

agricultural practices and contribute to the equitable and harmonious growth of the areas where we operate. In summary, we not only work to improve agriculture, but also for the comprehensive benefit of our environment and the people who make it up.


Our collaborators’ health and safety are priorities for our company

This is not just a conviction, but a philosophy reflected in our goal of achieving zero accidents. This firm determination translates into the implementation of rigorous policies and practices backed by recognized standards, such as our Health and Safety policy, which meets the requirements of ISO 45001, an international standard that guarantees adequate and effective safety management. and occupational health in the work environment. We are committed to maintaining and continually improving our practices to ensure a safe and healthy work environment for all of our employees, making this commitment an integral part of our company culture. Here you can find our Health and Safety policy, in line with the requirements of ISO 45001.


Our firm commitment to equal opportunities, diversity and promoting a healthy and equitable work environment


This is materialized through various policies and concrete actions. These initiatives include specific policies such as Harassment Prevention, aimed at guaranteeing a work environment free of any form of harassment, as well as Equality policies, aimed at promoting

gender equality, inclusion and mutual respect in all facets of our company. These measures are not only a sign of our commitment, but also a reflection of our fundamental values that we seek to promote and sustain in every aspect of our organization.


Training is a fundamental pillar of our organizational culture

We dedicate significant resources to ensure that our employees acquire the skills and knowledge necessary to achieve success and evolve in both their professional career and personal growth. This constant investment in the development of our team is crucial to staying ahead and fostering an environment of continuous learning.

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