We are part of a
great community

We treat people fairly, respecting their rights

At De Prado, the social dimension within ESG criteria focuses on how the company manages its relationships with employees, customers, communities and other stakeholders. This approach encompasses:

Diversity and inclusion

We promote diverse work environments, ensuring equal opportunities for all, regardless of gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, age or abilities.

Labour relations

At De Prado, we strive to establish and maintain working conditions that are fair and equitable for all of our employees.

Impact on the community

At De Prado, we are deeply committed to the local communities where we operate. We not only see ourselves as a company, but as an integral part of a broader environment. For this reason, we strive to get involved and contribute in a meaningful way.

Human rights

 At De Prado, respect for human rights is fundamental in all our operations. We are committed to maintaining ethical and responsible practices throughout our supply chain. Additionally, we collaborate with suppliers and business partners who share our ethical values, thereby establishing a standard of respect and dignity that we aim to maintain in every aspect of our company.

Corporate culture and business ethics

We value transparency, ethics and integrity in our decisions, and we encourage open communication both internally and externally.

At De Prado, the social dimension of ESG criteria focuses on treating people fairly, respecting their human rights and contributing positively to the communities in which we are present.

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