A pillar of the
mediterranean diet

Table olives have been the subject of a strategic commitment by De Prado, generating incomparable value in our supply chain.

This has been achieved thanks to the adoption of highly profitable and mechanized production systems. The key to our success lies in the strategic selection of areas with abundant water availability, enhanced by the Mediterranean climate, which favours the optimal growth of the olive tree and its fruits.


At De Prado, we are dedicated to producing and cultivating olive groves specifically for table olives, ensuring that they rigorously comply with edaphoclimatic requirements. Our focus goes beyond climate; We also focus on soil characteristics to ensure an ideal growing environment.

Today, the challenge is to maximize production in a sustainable and non-harmful way. Our sustainable practices are governed by regulations that prioritize efficient management of inputs, and this strategy goes hand in hand with our constant search for technological innovation, always aimed at increasing productivity without affecting the quality of the final product.


The optimal profile of the olive grove for growing table olives is similar to that used for growing olives for oil. It is characterized by its high density and hedgerow structure, a pattern that is a reflection of excellence in our production. We carefully manage an area of ​​2.000 hectares dedicated to this crop, maintaining almost the entire surface in full production, which reinforces our commitment to excellence and consistency.


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Sustainability is a fundamental pillar of our operation. Our table olive grove is notable for its water and phytosanitary efficiency, using less water and treatments compared to other crops.

Our practices are specifically designed to increase soil organic matter, significantly reducing our environmental impact.

Through the composting of industrial by-products, we produce organic fertilizers that maintain soil fertility while also reinforcing our commitment to long-term sustainability, a commitment rooted in our identity as a responsible company aware of the environment in which we operate.

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