We promote
Zresearch and excellence

Committed to quality, reducing environmental impact and developing new products to raise customer and ultimately consumer satisfaction

Our approach is based on a collaborative model that promotes innovation and excellence in quality as fundamental pillars to continuously improve our processes. By optimizing our agricultural and industrial operations, we ensure food quality and safety while also reducing environmental impact at each stage of our production chain

Our main challenge lies in improving the quality of our products daily while optimizing our processes and implementing new technologies, all without compromising the pace or performance of our production. All of this is carried out with the central objective of reducing our environmental footprint.

From our Quality, Laboratory and R&D&i departments, we embark on various projects in order to continue advancing and overcoming significant challenges. We always prioritize traceability in our products and processes.


Atila Project:

We designed a natural formulation that offers effectiveness comparable to that of glyphosate through the biotechnological conversion of agro-industrial waste into products with high added value, based on the principles of circular economy and bioeconomy.


Dealmantea Project:

We value almond shells as food for small ruminants.


Fosetil Project:

We seek to reduce the concentration of non-assimilable phosphorus compounds in long-lived almond fields, transforming these compounds into forms that can be assimilated by plants. Likewise, we improve the efficiency of almond tree nutrition by reducing the required fertilization dose through better assimilation of the applied phosphorus.





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