It is essential to act with
integrity and professionalism

At De Prado we are committed to ensuring that our professionals know and perfectly understand Group’s policies

internal rules and procedures, since we are convinced that, to achieve competitive growth, it is essential to act with integrity, professionalism and respect for the rules that govern our professional activity.

Code of Ethics

Our Code of Ethics is the highest standard within our Internal Compliance System and governs the behaviour of all Professionals who are part of De Prado. Our Internal Compliance System focusses on procedures and policies that are based on the values ​​of Integrity, Equality, Honesty and Quality, which are the basis of our Code of Ethics.

Please click this link to see our Code of Ethics Download Document

Ethics and Compliance Communications Channel

To raise an issue about potential non-compliance or irregularities committed within the company or in its scope of action, or that may involve violations of the law or other internal or external regulations that we are subject to, please click here and here you can consult a quick guide to it Download Document.

We remind you that these communications can be made through this Ethics & Compliance Communications Channel (the “Channel”) completely anonymously.

Likewise, the Channel allows questions and queries to be asked confidentially and anonymously. The Channel access page also includes: (i) the Privacy Policy that governs the Channel, (ii) the De Prado Code of Ethics, (iii) the Anti-Corruption Policy and (iv) the User Guide and Communications Procedure. You can also find our general policies regarding suppliers and privacy on our website. All of this in order to comply with the highest standards of due diligence and control.

The reception and management of communications received through this Channel is the responsibility of De Prado’s Compliance department, ensuring, as per current legislation, the highest degree of confidentiality and anonymity, when any communication is submitted anonymously.

We process your personal data, as well as any data that third parties provide via this Channel, for the purpose of managing, investigating and taking measures in relation to communications sent. You can exercise your data protection rights and obtain more information about data processing through the Privacy Policy of the Communications Channel.

If you wish to make any other queries regarding compliance, you can write to This email account is not enabled to receive communications of suspicious behaviour. For this type of communication, please go to the Channel where you can do so completely anonymously.

However, the Channel is not the only means of communicating non-compliance; it is always possible to communicate with the Chief Compliance Officer of the Group verbally, by telephone, to the telephone number enabled on the De Prado website, or by requesting a meeting in person via email In all these cases, compliance with data protection legislation will be scrupulously ensured and you will be informed of all your rights.

Thank you for helping us in our goal of being a company based on a true culture of compliance.

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