We adjust our industry to the present and future.

In our constant striving for growth and continuous improvement, De Prado's industrial department continually adapts,

implementing means and resources to efficiently and sustainably absorb all internal resources generated in our more than 30,000 hectares of olive and almond trees.


This adaptation is based on the automation and digitalization of all our production processes, as well as the integration of the different sectors within our supply chain. Our focus is also directed towards adopting the latest technology available in the industrial sector, allowing us to maintain a path towards constant excellence.

This excellence is materialized in an industry that adjusts to present and future demands, driven by five oil mills, a table olive packing plant, an almond splitter and four shelling centres.


Five oil mills with maximum production capacity of up to 10.000 tons/day.

25 million

Processing plant with capacity of up to 25 million olives/year.


Almond splitter with a processing capacity of 240 tons/day.

Energy and self-consumption are key pieces in our commitment to the environment.

As pioneers in the agricultural sector, we have integrated energy accumulation systems into our production, reaffirming our commitment to sustainability.


Furthermore, in the interests of efficient self-consumption, at De Prado we are dedicated to guaranteeing optimal use of energy, carrying out numerous energy-saving and efficiency projects in all our operations.

Currently, we have a self-consumption photovoltaic installation park made up of 88 projects in Spain and Portugal, generating a total of 18.29 MWp and achieving an estimated annual self-consumption of 18.8 GWh/year.

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